The LogME button: Adding Web Articles to your CPD Log

Whenever you find yourself reading an article or watching a video on ANY website and you want to log the activity as CPD, it's now very quick and easy to do.

Just drag the LogME button below to your Favourites toolbar (watch the video below to see how)

If you're on a mobile device
click here instead

If you use Internet Explorer, Go to View -> Toolbars and make sure that Favourites Bar is checked. If not, select it. Then drag the button to the bar that appears. 
If dragging doesn't work, then simply right-click on the button and choose 'Add to Favourites' and then select the Favourites Bar from the 'Create In..' menu

Now whenever you want to log an article, just press that button on your toolbar & it will be saved instantly!

This is how it works …  

Once you've added the LogME button to your toolbar, just press it whenever you want to log something as CPD

Your CPD Pro record form will appear on the website with the date, type of activity & website address all pre-filled for you.

You can add any information you want to before hitting 'Save'

As soon as you press the 'Save button, the record will be saved to your CPD Log and the amount of time spent will be added to your stats. You don't have to leave the page that you're on and it works with any type of article and video. 

Note, when you use the button in cases where you're not logged into your CPD Pro account, you'll see a log-in panel like this. Simply log in and the process will continue. 

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