Logging CPD
Rajeev Shah
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It's easy to add a new CPD Record to your CPD Log.

Press the PLUS button and choose CPD

Your digital assistant is designed to help you to log CPD quickly so that it’s always convenient. However, you’re also able to record far more detail than other systems permit, all the while keeping it all organised and useful.

Quick Logging

The quick-logging form lets you add all of the basic details about the CPD activity. If you’ve been given a paper certificate you can add it to the log using your phone’s camera. If you receive a certificate via email or other electronic means, you can simply upload it to the record whenever it arrives.

The basic information you’ve logged will be sufficient for CQC inspections. 

However, to meet the GDC’s requirements for Enhanced CPD , to make your appraisals much more productive and to protect yourself from changes in the future in relation to revalidation, it’s important to log more information than just the basics.

Detailed Logging

Each CPD Record in your log has space for you to add information about its Learning Objectives, Anticipated Outcomes, your assessment of them as well as your assessments of the instructor and the delivery of the instruction.

To add more detail to the record, find it in your CPD Log and click to open it. Then click the Update button and a form with 3 additional sections will be revealed.

Additional CPD Details

If the CPD activity is related to any of your PDP Goals, you can link them and your PDP will be updated automatically. Your end-of-year reports will have all of this information collated automatically in an easy-to-understand format.

Your CPD Review

Score the CPD is terms of its Learning Objectives and Anticipated Outcomes. This will help you to refine your CPD choices in future and your digital assistant will help you to compare outcomes.

The GDC expects you to measure the impact your CPD has over time. If you feel that the impact has been immediate, select that option. Otherwise, your digital assistant will remind you after 3 months. You'll be able to add reflective notes about this CPD now and in the future. 

GDC Details

The more information you add in this section, the more robust and future-proof your records will be. However, the only currently mandatory element of this section is 'High Level Learning Outcomes' as the GDC expects your CPD to meet at least one.

If you have any other documents (apart from your certificate) that you'd like t attach to the CPD Record, you can do so. Examples might be a copy of the article itself, if it was a reading activity, or handouts distributed at a seminar.

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