Using My CPD
Rajeev Shah
Updated 1 year ago

The My CPD section provides you with access to every single detail of your CPD.

It's split into 3 major sections:

  • CPD Cycle Progress
  • Incomplete CPD Requirements
  • Your Current CPD

The top section gives you a percentage calculation of how far you are into your current CPD Cycle's requirements.

Since I was mid-cycle when the new Enhanced CPD regulations came into force, my CPD Requirements are a mixture of the 2 schemes. The grey section breaks down exactly what my obligations are for each year.

As I complete CPD in the GDC's recommended topics, the requirements will move from 0% to 100% completion.

This section can be toggled between records which are complete and incomplete.

Click on any record to see it's detail and make edits.

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