Using My PDP
Rajeev Shah
Updated 1 year ago

The MyPDP section provides you with access to every single detail of your PDP.

It's split into 4 major sections:

  • PDP
  • Remaining PDP Tasks
  • PDP Goals
  • Your Recommended Courses

This section tells me that:

  1. So far I haven't made any progress on my PDP i.e I haven't started on any of my PDP Goals
  2. I have planned a total of 9 hours CPD in my PDP and I have still got 9 hours left to do
  3. I've got 9 PDP Goals yet to complete
  4. I've got 8 specific tasks yet to complete

This section lists some of the PDP tasks that I have yet to complete. By completing these tasks I will move closer to completing my PDP Goals.

Click on any of these to view them in more detail and to make changes.

This section displays your PDP Goals with a progress indicator along the bottom. Click any one to view more detail and make edits.

The courses here will either be free or included in in your subscription and they are selected specifically to help you meet your PDP Goals. As you complete them, your PDP will be updated automatically.

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