Creating a new PDP Goal
Rajeev Shah
Updated 1 year ago

To get the most out of your professional development, you can add as many new goals to your PDP as you want to. The assistant will help you to keep track of everything.

To get started, click the + button and choose 'PDP Goal"

Choose whether the focus of this goal is to learn something new or improve an existing skill.

Give the goal a descriptive name so it’s easy for you to recognise later on.

For example: “I want to improve my time management”

You can also add a due date if you want to. This may help in cases where you have a deadline which falls before the end of your CPD cycle. For example, in an appraisal you may have agreed certain goals with your manager to be completed within the next year.

Then add some words to describe your reason for setting this goal. This is important as it appears in the GDC's template. 

However, it doesn't need to be an essay, just a few words to explain why this goal is imports to you/your career.

You'll also need to add some words to describe an ideal outcome. Again this appears in the GDC's template. You simply need to describe how you'll know that you've achieved your goal. Usually this will be a specific result or set of results and this gives you a great way to measure your success.

If your goal is CPD-related, then choose the topics it relates to. Similarly, if the goal relates to any of the GDC Learning Outcomes, make a note here and your digital assistant will ensure that your competencies are updated once the goal is marked as complete.

If you've already completed some CPD which you think contributes to this goal, you can link it. This would usually happen if you've previously completed some CPD with another provider and imported it to your CPD Log before creating your PDP Goal.

You can now save the goal. It will show up in your PDP and it’s easy to tell where you are in terms of progress.

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