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21 December 2012
Updates your CPD with the GDC 

Designed specifically for dental professionals in the UK, the all new CPD Pro app can be used on your iPhone, iPad or personal computer. 

CPD Pro automatically updates your CPD activity with the GDC, so there's no need for any more filing or paperwork. CPD Pro takes care of everything for you. 

Dental Practice
15 February 2015 
The modern approach to managing your CPD 

With your entire portfolio in  one place, your personal annual declarations become completely hassle-free, especially as the app is able to sync directly to your eGDC account. The process of uploading your CPD is quick, easy and secure and completely removes the worry over meeting the annual or five- yearly inspections from the GDC and CQC. 

Dentistry Show 2015
15 March 2015

CPD QR codes – the new way to log your CPD

QR – or ‘Quick Response’ – codes are fast becoming one of the most important ways to connect print-based media with the digital world.

This year at the Dentistry Show, you’ll be able to use QR codes to log CPD instantly as you earn at exhibitors’ stands. Armed with just your smartphone, you’ll be able to update your CPD log, collect your certificate and even sync it all to your eGDC with a single scan. 

15 January 2015
The modern approach to managing your CPD

CPD regulation is on the increase, with both the GDC and CQC expecting your records to be accurate and available for inspection. This probably means that your practice manager will expect you to provide your records to the practice and to keep them up-to-date.

If you’re still using paper records for your CPD, this is going to become more difficult as time goes on – the paperwork increases every year and has to be held for up to 10 years in case it’s required for audit purposes. It’s even worse if you work part-time at more than one practice and both sites require your records!

As a busy dental professional, you need solutions to make your life easier, not harder. 

Dental Tribune
15 January 2015
Study finds e-learning as good as traditional training for health professionals

LONDON, UK: Electronic learning could enable millions more students to train as doctors and nurses worldwide, according to the latest research. A review commissioned by the  World Health Organization (WHO) and carried out by Imperial College London researchers concluded that e-learning is likely to be as effective as traditional methods for training health professionals.

BDA News
10 November 2014
PDP - probably done poorly?

PDPs are already a requirement for clinicians in the NHS so it’s probably not going to be too long before they move from being merely a ‘recommendation’ to a requirement for all dental professionals. For this reason you should create one now, particularly if you are near the start of a new CPD cycle.  

Dental Hygiene & Therapy 
10 March 2014
CPD - lessons learned

The CPD review undertaken by the GDC last year made clear that the dental profession understands the value of CPD and its role in providing patients with confidence in the profession as a whole.

15 February 2014
Understanding the value of CPD

The CPD review undertaken by the GDC last year made clear that the dental profession understands the value of CPD and its role in providing patients with confidence in the profession as a whole.

Despite this, a quarter of the DCPs whose cycle ended last summer did not report their activities to the GDC by July 31. A month later, even after taking account those who had returned or left the profession, there were still almost 2000 DCPs who were non-compliant.

These facts suggest that there is something fundamentally wrong with the current process of recording and reporting CPD activity. 

The Probe
10 January 2014
Getting the most out of your personal development plan

A PDP is a means of identifying your career developmental needs, to help you to determine the best way to achieve your career goals whilst simultaneously demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning.

The Dentist
12 September 2014
Going paperless

Ever since the invention of the desktop computer, offices across the world have been making the slow transition away from paper-based operations towards a digitised paperless office environment. As time has passed, a number of key innovations have aided this transition – not least the birth of the internet, smart phone technology, and the launch of Apple’s iPad in 2010. All of which mean that now in 2013, the paperless office is very much within all our grasps.
As any technology analyst will tell you, going paperless is as much about mindset as it is about technological innovation. With computers, scanners, laptops and tablets all now widely available, the main factor holding back many businesses from going paperless is the company culture itself. Still people continue to print emails that don’t need printing, and still in meetings some presenters would rather print out handouts than provide information in electronic form. 

08 April 2013
Online security – how safe are you? 

Don't let the hackers hack you off. In the world of technology, security is a massive issue – and one that all reputable technology businesses take very seriously indeed.

The Dentistry Show
28 January 2013 
Log General & Verifiable CPD at the Dentistry Show 2013 

With so many hours of CPD available over the two days, The Dentistry Show is keen to help delegates work towards the GDC's requirements for the current CPD cycle.  

Working with Dental CPD Pro, an app will be available that enables delegates to record all the hours of CPD they undergo at the event. 

The Dentist
05 February 2013
Not Just A Toy 

Rajeev Shah reviews the growth and development of smart phones. 

While the technology behind the latest generation of ‘smart’ phones is certainly impressive, the real strength of the modern day smart phone is just as much in its software and applications as it is in the gadget itself.

Mouth Cancer Foundation
05 February 2013
CPD Pro Author, Dr. Philip Lewis, Mouth Cancer Ambassador 

Dr. Philip Lewis has joined the Mouth Cancer Foundation as our Ambassador and Consultant on the forthcoming brand new life-saving initiative, Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme.

The Probe
10 December 2012
Redefining the professional approach of the modern dentist with the smart phone 

A smart phone has a lot to offer the modern dental professional. Keeping accurate records of CPD is traditionally a time-consuming and paper-wasting exercise. 

However, apps like Dental CPD Pro bring a new efficiency to the process, enabling quick, convenient records to be tapped out on your phone and synced automatically to your eGDC 

15 April 2013
The internet of things

The internet is a wonderful thing, and in the space of a few short years has become one of the most striking features of our modern society.

A constantly changing entity, the internet continues to grow and develop as we do, and already it is shaping up for the next big step in its evolution, the 'internet of things' 

28 June 2013
Your CPD, Hassle-Free! 

It's quick, convenient & secure.Log your CPD activity in the moments after you've completed it using the beautiful & intuitive Dental CPD Pro app and it will calculate your hours and build your reflective-learning diary as you go.

08 March 2013
Would you like an easier convenient way of recording your CPD? 

DBS can recommend just the thing. The CPD Pro app is designed to help you to manage all aspects of your CPD on your iPhone.

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